Steel Roof and Decking Fastening Systems

Pneutek is the established leader in the mechanical attachment of steel roof and decking. Traditional methods of attaching steel and roof decks are becoming obsolete. Pneutek's revolutionary "Air/Safe" fastening method is changing the steel decking industry across the country. Pneutek's patented Air/Safe design is completely pneumatic and uses no explosives. It is safer, faster and more reliable than dangerous powder tools or traditional, inconsistent welding methods. Through its innovative tools and fasteners, Pneutek is dramatically improving the quality, safety, and costs of major construction projects across America.

The Pneutek AIR/SAFE Fastening System is the only system in the world capable of fastening into unlimited thicknesses of structural steel. Pneutek markets its steel decking system through independent distribution throughout the United States and internationally.

Air/Safe Fastening System

  • Air/Safe Pneumatic Design

    Ergonomic stand-up tool design for comfort, speed, and convenience. Pneutek's patented low-velocity actuation design meets or exceeds ANSI and O.S.H.A. safety requirements.

  • Uni-construction Fasteners

    Pneutek's Decking Fasteners are made of one piece "uni-construction" for highest shear strength and ease of inspection.

  • Unlimited Steel Thickness

    Only Pneutek's pneumatic tools can fasten into all commercially specified steel substrate grades of 1/8" thickness and up, including A992 type steel up to 100 ksi tensile strength.

  • Lowest In-Place Fastener Cost

    Pneutek's fully automatic magazines hold thirty to fifty fasteners, eliminating frequent reloading of powder charges and fasteners. The fastest deck attachment system available today!

  • Highest Corrosion Resistant Fasteners

    Pneutek fasteners are plated in yellow mechanical zinc plating for enhanced corrosion resistance, and have been evaluated in accordance with salt spray test specification ASTM-B117.

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