Truck & Trailer Floor Fastening Systems

The Ultimate, Fully Automatic Electro-Pneumatic and Pneumatic Screw Tool System by Pneutek. It 's the most economical system for attaching truck, trailer and container wood floors.

Pneutek's Fully Automatic Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Screw Tool will drive large head M6.35 (1/4") and M8 (5/16"') Self Drilling Screws to fasten 3/4" through 2" thick hardwood into high strength 80 ksi steel and high strength aluminum I-Beam and tapered channel substrates without pre-drilling and without applying any downward force by the operator.

The fastest, safest, most economical system around. Corrosion Resistant, ergonomic, reliable, powerful and versatile. Dramatically reduce labor time and reduce physical labor efforts while increasing quality of construction and consistency of attachment. The combined air pressure and screwing mechanisms overcome the traditional challenges of wood to steel attachment while the true success of the system can be attributed to the screw design. Try one today!

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